Nicole Appleton forgets her husband Liam Gallagher is a rock star.

The former All Saints singer doesn't recognise the ex-Oasis forntman's persona as a wild hellraiser because he's so "normal" when he's at home with her and their 10-year-old son Gene.

Nicole - who has been in a relationship with Liam since 2000 and married him in February 2008 - said: "He's so normal. And he's so Gene's dad. It's funny to think of him as that (a rock star). He's an amazing guy."

The 36-year-old blonde is currently living in Canada with Gene as she presents new TV talent show 'Cover Me Canada' and she was thrilled when Liam took time out from his new band Beady Eye's tour to watch her on the first night.

Nicole - who has hired a tutor to teach Gene while they are in Canada - added to The Hamilton Spectator newspaper: "Liam was here for the first show, right there in the audience. He didn't do anything (on camera). I don't think he wanted any distraction for me. He just wanted me to get my head down and focus on what I was doing."

Some of Liam's past rock 'n' roll escapades include him getting into a brawl in Munich, Germany, in 2002 which resulted in him losing his two front teeth and being arrested.

The singer also attacked his brother Noel Gallagher with a guitar just minutes before Oasis were due to perform at a music festival in Paris in August 2009 which led to Noel quitting the group.