Nicolas Cage's son Weston has been arrested for felony domestic violence again - the second time in a month, reports Weston was booked by Los Angeles Police Department officers at 5am, having been involved in an incident in Hollywood.
Law enforcement sources claim the actor and musician was taken to a nearby hospital to be treated for cuts, believed to have been self-inflicted. It is not clear whether his wife Nikki Williams was involved in the incident, but her mother confirmed, "Nikki is safe and away from him". It's the second time in a month Weston has been arrested for domestic violence - he and Williams were booked several weeks ago after she allegedly attacked him with a bottle. Cage was recently spotted arriving at Boa's Steakhouse in Beverly Hills with Nikki and his mother Christina Fulton, telling reporters he never split with his wife despite the alleged violent fight.
Weston, who appeared alongside his father in the action-drama 'Lord of War', was released from custody on $50,000 bail - he is scheduled to attend a court hearing on 10th August 2011.