Nicolas Cage planned to "tattoo his scalp" for his latest movie role.

The actor has lightened his hair for new film 'Drive Angry' because bosses turned down his original request for a radically different look.

He explained: "Originally I was going to shave my head and tattoo my scalp.

"But the producer didn't want me to do that. So then I decided that I was gonna embrace the Celtic roots on the other side of my family. So I dyed the hair lighter because I think that's what the character should look like."

The actor is particularly excited about the movie - which sees him play a vengeance-seeking dad looking for his daughter's killer - because it is a new approach to a 3-D action film.

He told MTV News: "What's really cool is that the 3-D is from scratch - all the cameras are 3-D. It's not going to be tacked onto the movie afterwards. Patrick Lussier, the director, is very excited about it. It's the first one like this; it's like if you got to see an old '70s action movie, but in 3-D. We're doing something semi-historical, because it's the first 3-D movie shot in the style of a '70s action film. You could see Charles Bronson or Eastwood starring in a film like this in those days."