Nicolas Cage has been talking up the forthcoming 'Ghost Rider' film alongside co-director Brian Taylor as the follow up to 2007's 'Ghost Rider,' 'Sprit Of Vengeance' opens today (February 17, 2012). The pair were talking to the National Post and the main emphasis of the new movie appears to be that of a darker world.
"We kind of wanted to give comic-book fans what they really wanted to see in Ghost Rider," said Taylor, who collaborated with a director he's previously worked with, Mark Neveldine . "It's darker, it's more intense. He is from a nightmare. He will scare the hell out of you. He's not a superhero who wears tights and does nice things. He is more of a villain than he is a hero. He is a dark entity, he sucks out your soul. That is his super power."
Cage meanwhile admitted that he relished the sequel's descent into darker climbs, commenting, "When I did the first one, I wanted it to be like a Grimm's fairy tale: scary, but still something that children could enjoy, like that first trip to the principal's office, where you made a mistake and you're in trouble but don't give up." Continuing, he added, "You can still rise above and do something good with the experience. With Mark and Brian, this will go into the wonderful bliss of the nightmare imagination."