Nicolas Cage's character in 'Kick-Ass' pays homage to Batman.

The actor - who is a huge comic book fan, even naming his four-year-old son Kal-El after Superman - plays Damon Macready, who has secretly trained himself and his daughter to be powerful vigilante heroes and says he was inspired by Adam West's portrayal of the Caped Crusader.

Talking about Macready's alter-ego Big Daddy, Cage said: "When Damon is in his Big Daddy mode, that uniform is like his homage to Batman - not 'The Dark Knight', but older, Adam West-style. A little bit of my performance was the homage."

When playing Big Daddy, Cage disguised his voice and based it on the West's voice in the 'Batman' TV series rather than Christian Bale's raspy tones in 'The Dark Knight'.

He said: "Adam West would have been the Batman that he grew up with. And that would be the Batman that would help him get the job done."

Cage says he would be interested to see what 81-year-old West thinks of his performance.

He told "I would like to meet West. I hope he would like my homage to him. I hope he would like that, yeah."