Nicolas Cage says he was ''too drunk'' to get married.

The 'Con Air' actor - who was previously wed to Alice Kim, Lisa Marie Presley and Patricia Arquette - made a court application for a license in Clark County, Nevada, last weekend before tying the knot with his partner Erika Koike.

However, just four days later he filed for an annulment, claiming he was not sober enough to wed.

In his court papers, obtained by The Blast, Nicolas claimed he ''lacked understanding of his actions in marrying [Koike] to the extent that he was incapable of agreeing to the marriage''.

The star's lawyers stated: ''Prior to obtaining a marriage license and participating in a marriage ceremony, [Cage] and [Koike] were both drinking to the point of intoxication.

''As a result of his intoxication, when [Koike] suggested to [Cage] that they should marry, [Cage] reacted on impulse and without the ability to understand the full impact of his actions.''

The court documents also claim that Koike ''disclose to [Cage] the full nature and extent of her relationship with another person' and didn't inform him of her criminal history including additional active criminal proceedings''.

She is understood to be due in court in Las Vegas in June over a DUI charge, which she has pled not guilty to.

The couple had been dating for a year before they impulsively tied the knot but Koike reportedly agrees with the decision to nullify their marriage.

Sources insist that both Nicolas and Erika think the marriage was a ''mistake'', and with Erika on board with the annulment proceedings, it's now a matter for a judge to decide if there are grounds to grant an annulment.

Annulments are awarded when a marriage is legally void, however, court documents filed this week claimed that if an annulment is not awarded, Nicolas will pursue a full legal divorce to terminate the four-day marriage.

Before being romantically linked to Erika in April 2018, the 55-year-old actor had said he was ''shocked'' when he and Alice - the mother of his 13-year-old son Kal-El - split in January 2016 shortly before he started shooting his movie 'Mandy'.

He said: ''It was a shocker for me - I definitely didn't see it coming, and those feelings had to go somewhere, so they went into the performance.''

Before marrying Alice, Nicolas - who also has son Weston, 27, with former partner Christina Fulton - was wed to Lisa Marie for several months in 2002 and Patricia from 1995 to 2001 but he doesn't ''count'' their marriages as real.

He said: ''I don't really count those two marriages, I don't think they belong on my record. The real marriage for me was the 14 years I had with Alice and the child we have together.''