Nicolas Cage poked fun at his serious reputation during a skit on U.S. TV show Saturday Night Live at the weekend (11Feb12) when he pretended to be a clone of himself.
The Con-Air star teamed up with comedian Andy Samberg, who regularly mimics Cage on the show, for the sketch as part of the Weekend Update section of the show.
Samberg, dressed just like the movie star, explained the cloning experiment was a bid for Cage to appear in every movie.
He joked, "As everyone knows my dream as an actor is to appear in every movie ever released. However, 'til now I've only been able to muster a measly 90 per cent, bringing shame upon my (Buddhist school) dojo. Fortunately, today science has prevailed and I'm proud to announce that my cloning experiment has finally come to fruition."
The real Cage, who kept a straight face throughout the hilarious skit, added, "While, physically, we are exactly the same, there are some slight differences personality wise."
Samberg continued, "This Nic is calm and stealthy, like a ninja warrior..." and the movie star added, "Whereas this Nick is an exaggerated, screaming psychopath who just doesn't exist."
Further poking fun at his reputation, the real Cage explained his upcoming movie Ghost Rider: Spirit of Vengeance features the two key ingredients in all of his action films: "All the dialogue is either whispered or screamed... (and) everything in the movie is on fire."
Elsewhere on the show, Oscar nominee Jean Dujardin reprised his George Valentin character from hit film The Artist for a comical dance-off routine in an arty French bistro as part of a skit featuring Bridesmaids star Kristen Wiig as Valentin's love interest Peppy Miller and Snl guest host Zooey Deschanel.