Nicolas Cage wants to keep making movies for as long as possible.

The 54-year-old actor has teamed up with director Brian Taylor to make the thriller film 'Mom and Dad', having previously worked with him on 'Ghost Rider: Spirit Of Vengeance' in 2011, and Cage has revealed he's eager to remain working in cinema, rather than switching his attention to TV work.

He explained: ''Brian and I, having done 'Ghost Rider: Spirit Of Vengeance', had a terrific working rapport on that. I really like his style, I like his sense of humour, I like the way he works with the camera, he keeps things moving. We had talked about doing something else together and we weren't able to find anything.

''He actually asked me to do television with him, which is something that I thought about but wasn't really ready to do.

''I kind of wanted to stay making motion pictures as long as possible, and so when he sent me this script to a show called 'Happy', which I thought was very good by the way, I said I don't think I'm ready to make the format change. And then about a week later he sent me the script to 'Mom And Dad', and with a message saying, 'Now this is something I think could be absolutely one of the best.'''

In fact, Cage didn't require any real convincing to accept a role in the movie.

He told SciFiNow magazine: ''I read it and within about two hours I called him and said 'I've gotta make this movie, this is really irreverent, it's punk rock, it's hilarious, it's taboo, it's all wrong and it's the kind of thing that I think really, I've never seen in a film before.'

''Probably the most dysfunctional family ever put on celluloid and a great mix of horror and comedy so that I felt that I could apply myself bringing the madness to it that would be a lot of fun for myself to play and hopefully fun for audiences to watch.''