Nicolas Cage - The 47-year-old American actor Nicolas Cage "stumbled" into a New Orleans tattoo parlour before being arrested early Saturday morning. New video images acquired by show the actor holding a drink in his left hand while being propped up by two friends.
After "tripping" into the ink parlour, Cage reportedly told the staff that "he didn't know where his home was". After starting up numerous conversations with people in the parlour, Cage then appears to speak with his wife Alice Kim who persuades him to leave. He was later arrested on a French Quarter residential street after having a heated argument with his wife. Cage allegedly insisted that the couple had "reached their home" and grabbed Alice's arm before "jerking her" towards a house he believed was theirs. An insider who spoke with the Chicago Sun-Times noted that Cage currently has a number of difficulties in his personal life, saying, "Nic has been under so much pressure lately, due to a variety of issues - including his major financial problems. But many of us are worried that his drinking again is a big problem for him and those around him".
Niolas Cage is currently filming to forthcoming action movie 'Medallion' with Malin Akerman and M.C. Gainey. The film follows a former thief who frantically searches for his missing daughter who was kidnapped and locked in the trunk of a taxi.