Nicolas Cage and Lisa Marie Presley have fuelled speculation they're back together after spending the Halloween (31OCT03) weekend in New Orleans, Louisiana.

The couple wed and divorced last year (02), but have become close again - and recently spent time at the New Orleans mansion Cage bought while he was filming SONNY on location.

Sources tell American tabloid STAR the couple spent time to themselves.

And Cage's voodoo priestess pal MIRIAM CHAMANI, who performed the blessing at the pair's Hawaiian wedding in August 2002, has confirmed she convinced the actor that bringing his ex to New Orleans was a good idea.

She says, "They both believe the second time around might work better. They just needed time to be alone.

"They have a desire to make it work. There were problems, but now they're back together and the timing is good. Nic and Lisa Marie had a lot of good times together in New Orleans before they got married and they want to recapture some of those feelings."

14/11/2003 09:06