Nicolas Cage says he relaxes the most when his adrenalin is flowing, saying he finds it has a calming effect on his frenetic lifestyle. The Hollywood star, 48, reprises his role as motorcycle-riding henchman 'Johnny Blaze' in 'Ghost Rider: Fear of Vengeance', and says he was relaxed by the stunt-work he performed in the movie.
Speaking the Press Association, the Kick Ass star explained, "The odd thing with me - when you see me with all this caffeine on the table - is that it calms me down. Red Bull relaxes me.If someone puts some fire on me or asks me to drive very fast in a car chase, everything slows down and it gets my mind off whatever baggage may be happening. It all goes away and I relax, so I like doing stunts". In the Ghost Rider movies, Cage's character sells his soul to the Devil and transforms into the vigilante motorcyclist. The actor says he scared the cast on the new movie by staying in character off-set, saying, "I would walk on the set with this skull paint on my face and black contacts in my eyes and I wouldn't say a word to anybody. And that instilled fear in my co-stars which only inspired me more to believe, so I didn't have to act".
Ghost Rider: Spirit of Vengeance in 3D is released in cinemas today (February 17, 2012). Reaction to the film has been mixed, with Scott Collura of Ign Movies saying it, "Brings all the cartoonish insanity of the directors' Crank to the -- let's face it -- cartoonishly insane concept of the Ghost Rider. It's a match made in, er, hell"