Nicolas Cage jumped at the chance to star in new movie SEASON OF THE WITCH - because he was desperate to play a knight and film in a forest.
The Kick-Ass star reveals the script came to him while he was filming Bad Lieutenant in humid New Orleans, Louisiana - and he loved the idea of jetting off to the European countryside for a break from city life.
He tells WENN, "I really wanted to be in the forest. I was making a little movie called Bad Lieutenant in New Orleans and I was very hot and I was in these tiny, very humid offices, and I was dreaming about making a movie in the forest. And then this script came along and there it was and I said, 'I’m going'.
"I was in the Austrian Alps, which was divine, and Hungary. And then I found myself living a dream because I’d always wanted to play a knight. I’d been doing it since I was very small in my backyard and it took this long to put it on celluloid, but it was my dream... It’s also one of the reasons why I became a film actor."