The decision to display a poster for blockbuster Righteous Kill at Stockwell on the day jurors at the Jean Charles de Menezes inquest visited the London Underground station has been rapped by the UK's advertising watchdog.

Mr de Menezes was killed by armed police on a tube train at Stockwell on June 22nd 2005 after being mistaken for a suicide bomber.

The Advertising Standards Authority (ASA) criticised the decision to display the poster during the inquest, which last week returned an open verdict, over its provocative tagline.

"There's nothing wrong with a little shooting as long as the right people get shot," the tagline read.

The ASA did not uphold complaints that the poster glamorised violence and gun crime but adjudged it to have breached the Committee of Advertising Practice (CAP) code through an ill-advised location.

In a statement the ASA said the campaign was in breach of the CAP code in terms of social responsibility and decency.

Distributor Lionsgate said the poster being placed at Stockwell station was "an unfortunate oversight" and stressed that it had been immediately removed when they became aware of the inquest into Mr de Menezes' death.

The television advertising campaign for Nicolas Cage action film Bangkok Dangerous was also the subject of a complaint, the ASA confirmed.

Though the advert in question contained shooting and guns, the ASA considered the violence featured was "not especially brutal" and unlikely to cause mental harm to children.

However, the watchdog said the 'post-19:30 restriction' imposed by advertisers Clearcast was inappropriate in light of the advert's content and said it should not be broadcast before 21:00.

17/12/2008 06:01:01