Nicolas Cage's goth-rocker son, Weston, went wild in Hollywood on Wednesday (11Nov09) after he spotted paparazzi taking shots of him and his girlfriend.
The camera-shy teenager, who fronts the band Eyes of Nocturne, has become the latest celebrity to lash out at photographers - and it happened just minutes after Mike Tyson was arrested at Los Angeles International airport after lashing out at a lensman.
It appears Cage won't be facing battery charges - like Tyson - but he certainly shook up a few shoppers, who were forced to jump out of the way as the 18-year-old, nicknamed Wicked Wes, set about the unlucky photographer.
One bystander tells WENN, "He just went wild. He obviously wasn't happy about being snapped - and so he snapped.
"At one point, he pushed the snapper to the floor."
Weston, who is also a talented graphic novel artist, is Cage's son by model/designer Christina Fulton.
It's not a great time to be a Cage - Weston's dad is currently being forced to sell off houses and belongings to pay off a tax bill.