Nicolas Cage didn't need to act during the disaster scenes in his new movie KNOWING, because he genuinely feared for the lives of his stuntmen co-stars.
The actor plays a widower whose young son discovers a document detailing every major disaster that has happened, and three that have yet to take place.
One particularly graphic two-minute scene depicts a horrifying plane crash, and required stunt performers to be set alight.
And Cage admits his fears for their safety meant he didn't need to fake his performance.
He says, "I didn't have to act - I was genuinely concerned, because those people, although they're stunt people, they were on fire and I didn't want them to get hurt.
"If I'd made a mistake they'd have to go back to the beginning and light them back on fire. So the difficult part was not making a mistake. The easy part was I didn't have to act."