The mother of Nicolas Cage's teenage son is reaching out to Britney Spears in the hope of turning the pop superstar into a role model single mother. Model/actress Christina Fulton is the brains behind the Single Mom clothing line and prides herself in the knowledge she's a successful single parent. As she embarks on a new self-help book for struggling parents and an accompanying TV reality show about America's 10 million single mums, Fulton wants to recruit Spears to her army of make-it-happen mothers. She says, "Britney needs to shape up. She needs to stop being a victim and be victorious." Spears recently spent a month in rehab after a series of bizarre late-night club visits left many questioning her state of mind and her parenting skills as a single mother to two babies. Fulton adds, "No one's perfect but I do wish Britney would call me. She has just lost her way. "There's not someone just saying, 'Hey...' She's not getting the right answers. We're trying to get a hold of her. "She has to turn this around and then she could be this great comeback story - a real champion for single moms."