The mother of Nicolas Cage's teenage son Weston is pitching a reality TV idea around Hollywood for a show to celebrate America's 10 million single mums. Actress Christina Fulton, the brains behind the trendy Single Mom clothing line, has championed single mothers for years and now she wants to pay tribute to them on TV. Fulton explains, "I shot a documentary with 20 single moms I didn't know and it really gave me the spark to move forward with this project. "I've become a true philanthropist for single moms and I'd really like to get some of these stories out there. "I met one woman from Camden, New Jersey, who was raising two children in a garbage heap." Fulton also has plans to release a new self-help book for single parents, called Hips, Lips + Fingertips: The Ultimate Guide To Single Moms. She adds, "I'm often being asked to write others a survival regimen and this might help struggling single parents overcome difficulties in their lives."