Eccentric Nicolas Cage knows how to show a woman a good time -he took his new wife ALICE KIM on a Grand Canyon hike and then flew her to San Francisco for a romantic meal on their first date.

The actor did the honourable thing and asked Kim's mother for permission to court her daughter, after meeting her in Las Vegas, Nevada.

He then took the smitten waitress on a whistle-stop trip of a lifetime.

Cage says, "I told her, 'I know some Indians at the bottom of the Grand Canyon who are friends of mine. Why don't we go on a date and I'll take you to meet these Indians?'

"I love the canyon and I go there for hikes and there was this beautiful waterfall which I wanted to take her to, so I got permission from her mother to take her.

"We flew to Arizona, we got on a helicopter and the helicopter flew into the canyon... We landed and we went on the hike and I could never find the waterfall, we got lost and we had a nice little picnic, and I had to get her back by 11 o'clock.

"So I got back on the plane, but I said, 'Look, we've got two more hours, I wanna spend some more time with you...' so I turned the plane around and we landed in San Francisco and we had a nice romantic dinner and then I got her home."

18/11/2004 08:59