OSCAR-winning actor Nicolas Cage in no rush to have children with his new wife ALICE KIM, preferring to spend their first few years together as a couple.

The LEAVING LAS VEGAS star, 40, married 20-year-old, former sushi waitress Kim in July (04), only six months after meeting (FEB04).

Speaking to reporters in Kim's ancestral home of South Korea last week (ends17DEC04), Cage says, "Right now, YONG-GYONG (Alice's Korean name) and I are just trying to enjoy our time together because our marriage is still so young and so new.

"I would love to have children."

Cage has been married and divorced twice before, his first coupling with Patricia Arquette lasted six years and he split from second wife Lisa Marie PRESLEY in November 2002 after just four months of marriage.

20/12/2004 21:16