Hollywood star Nicolas Cage is quitting America to raise his son KAL-EL in the German castle he is renovating. Last year (06) the actor bought the dilapidated 11th century 10-bedroom Schloss Neidstein castle in Bavaria and has set about restoring it to its former glory. When it is finished and inhabitable the star plans to live part time in Germany with wife ALICE KIM and his 17 month old son. He says, "I have this little boy and I want to cultivate him to have an international education. I will be spending my time in England and in Bavaria and less and less time in the States. In Germany I have a castle and I have to restore it and that's what I intend to do. "The last family that owned it owned it for 900 years so I intend to match that. If my future generations are able to enjoy it. I have to restore it."