Actor Nicholas Cage is threatening to quit the industry because he has "grown tired" of appearing in blockbuster movies. The World Trade Centre star admits he has lost his passion for acting and laments his career has forced him to become reclusive. He says, "Some movie stars look like they are having a ball, but I'm tired of it. It has made me reclusive. That is an increasingly gnawing feeling in my body. "When I first started I loved it. One of my frustrations is I have no control. I haven't worked in a while, and it will be eight months before I start my next picture. I know for the first time which direction I'm going in and what changes I want to make." The Oscar-winner also fears his fans are tired of watching him on the big screen. He adds, "For some reason, I p**s off the audience. People who like one type of film don't like to see me in another. "Things I did and said early on still haunt me. I started acting at 17, but I'm 44 now and have grown up. I wonder if I am still interesting to watch if I didn't drink or raise hell, but it's obnoxious to keep drinking."