Hollywood superstar Nicolas Cage is set to wed a hard-up waitress he met in February (04) - mirroring the plot to his 1994 movie IT COULD HAPPEN TO YOU.

The 40-year-old actor has proposed to ALICE KIM, 19, with a giant diamond and emerald ring after he met her while out with pals in the Los Angeles restaurant where she works on Valentine's Day (14FEB04), according to British newspaper THE SUN.

Cage was so smitten with Kim - who works at the SUSHI AVENUE eaterie - he invited her to The Oscars (29FEB04) as his date, and now the couple are to walk down the aisle.

And, in a bizarre twist, the whirlwind romance is almost exactly like the plot to It Could Happen To You, in which he starred as a lottery winner who proposed to a poor waitress.

An insider says, "Nic has really fallen for this girl. She lives with her family because she can't afford her own place.

"Alice loves the ring Nic gave her and she was totally amazed by his actions. She keeps pinching herself to check she's not dreaming.

"It's not every day a hard-up waitress is swept off her feet by a Hollywood movie star."

27/04/2004 02:17