Oscar winner Nicolas Cage will star in a big screen adaptation of Virgin Comics THE SADHU which will be written by spiritual author Deepak Chopra. The SEVEN SPIRITUAL LAWS OF SUCCESS author is a co-founder of Virgin Comics, the publishing company bankrolled by SIR Richard Branson. The Sadhu was originally created and written by Chopra's son, GOTHAM, chief creative officer of Virgin Comics, and combines action with mythology from India. Cage will play JAMES JENSON, a soldier who travels to India during colonial times and becomes a spiritual warrior. Virgin Comics CEO SHARAD DEVARAJAN says, "The Sadhu is a bold, visual epic that taps into one of India's most heralded spiritual traditions. " Cage, a huge comics fan, will also star in the Marvel Comics adaptation GHOST RIDER next year (07). He has also made a deal with Virgin Comics to publish Enigma, a voodoo-laced thriller Cage developed with his 15-year-old son WESTON, which may be turned into a feature film too.