Actor Nicolas Cage is teaming up with his teenage son to launch their own line of comic books. The Ghost Rider star and 16-year-old Weston Cage are releasing their six-issue illustrated series Voodoo Child through Virgin Comics on 11 July (07). When renowned comic fan Cage senior was approached with the idea of starting his own animated series books, he suggested his own son come on board. Cage recalls, "I said I didn't have any ideas, but I told them my son might. He has been drawing comics since he was three. He was a natural to do it." Voodoo Child is set in New Orleans, Louisiana in the aftermath of 2005's Hurricane Katrina, and follows a detective as he investigates the disappearance of several young girls. The title character is Gabriel Moore, a child murdered by secessionist soldiers in the 19th century, who is resurrected by a voodoo priest.