Nicolas Cage empathised with his character DAVE SPRITZ in The Weather Man, because he was having similar marital problems at the time.

Cage, who was in the process of divorcing Elvis Presley's daughter Lisa Marie, saw a parallel in Spritz, who is forced to contemplate whether a successful career and a successful marriage are mutually exclusive after being separated from his wife and two children.

The actor says, "It's a film that touched me enormously.

"My character is someone who is trying to adjust to being divorced and putting his life in order and, given that I've been through two divorces, I could absolutely relate to his situation and the kind of struggle he goes through.

"At the time I agreed to do The Weather Man I was going through a divorce, so I was trying to figure out how to take that difficult reality and turn it into a positive.

"Sometimes I choose movies that can help me like therapy - you do something positive with a negative emotion."