Oscar-winning actor Nicolas Cage has vowed never to eat cockroaches for a movie ever again now he's an A-list star. Cage ate the bugs in the 1989 movie VAMPIRE'S KISS, and admits he would have done anything to further his career at the time. But with over 50 films under his belt and a Best Actor Academy Award for Leaving Las Vegas, the 42-year-old has learned there are other ways to make an impression. He says, "I don't feel the need to live the part any more. I started out very... trying to be shocking, trying to get out there, look at me, that whole thing, and as you get older, you learn how to get there without that need for attention. "I started to get more mellow in my approach to the work. I think there's something that happens with age where you become more seasoned and there's a shortcut to the performance, to get into the performance. "It's a life experience. You have to get in touch with that and who you are."