Nicolas Cage is making sure he doesn't inherit the remnants of the past when he moves into his new German castle - he's asked the former owner to auction off his family heirlooms. Cage has authorised an auction of all the fixtures and fittings in the 500 year old Bavarian Castle Neidstein, which he bought for $2.3 million (GBP1.2 million) earlier this year. The sale, which took place yesterday (20SEP06), raised almost $500,000 (GBP275,000) for the castle's former owner ALEXANDER CON BRAND. Among the 291 items on sale were a 16th century tapestry of King Solomon and the Queen of Sheba, which sold for 30,000 Euros ($36,000/GBP20,000); two large 18th century oil paintings of the castle itself, which sold for 11,000 Euros ($13,500/GBP7,500), an 18th Century dresser and a number of baroque sculptures. Cage wanted the derelict 28-room castle emptied so he can begin a massive renovation, to turn it into a spectacular summer retreat. He needs to replace draughty windows, a leaky roof, dangerous electrics and sanitary facilities that haven't been updated since the 1960s.