Movie star Nicolas Cage used his new film The Weather Man as therapy following his divorce from LISA MARIE PRESLEY - because he felt like a miserable loner.

The actor plays a downbeat TV weatherman, trying to balance family troubles with his success, and he admits he found a kindred spirit in the character as he attempted to come to terms with his marriage break-up.

He explains, "I have my own particular method of acting - and that method is life. At the time when I agreed to do The Weather Man, I was going through a divorce and was trying to figure out how I could take the negative and turn it into a positive.

"I received the script to The Weather Man and I thought, 'Oh, well here's a parallel.'

"Sometimes I choose movies that can help me, like therapy, and do something positive with a negative emotion. The Weather Man was an opportunity to take all this well of feeling that I had and just funnel it into the character, DAVE SPRITZ.

"Dave and I were going through similar experiences, so it became an overlay, if you will, of my life and Dave Spritz's life."