Hollywood star Nicolas Cage once escaped death on a U.S. highway - after his car spun out of control and he ended up facing traffic head on. The 44-year-old insists he is a thrill-seeker who normally doesn't fear "heights, speed, water or any dangerous situation" - but the experience was so frightening he was left in a state of shock for days afterwards. He recalls, "I nearly killed myself in my favourite car. I had an Austin Healey with a Ford V8 engine placed into it like a makeshift AC Cobra. Then I hired a mechanic to put in an automatic gearbox. "I was driving on the 405 (highway) in Hollywood, went to light a cigarette and my hand got stuck in the transmission. I shifted the car from drive into park and the car fish-tailed on the freeway. I went into a 180-degree spin and ended up facing traffic head on. "All I could see was this huge truck coming towards me; the driver got on the CB loudspeaker and screamed at me to put the car in reverse. I was in total shock and I just did it. I reversed all the way back until I found an exit. It was crazy. I could have died - so for awhile I was in a very odd state of mind. It's probably the most dangerous thing I've survived."