Actor Nicolas Cage was so determined not to let Thailand's 2006 military coup disrupt shooting on his new film Bangkok Dangerous, he immediately returned to the troubled country after securing his family's safety.
Cage was filming action flick Bangkok Dangerous in Thailand when the military seized government power two years ago, sparking chaos in the country.
But he made sure filming on the project continued through the coup - and spent one night flying back and forth between Thailand and South Korea to make sure his relatives were far away from the unsettled region.
He recalls, "It happened when we were shooting at night, and I walked off the set, rode a boat on the Chao Phraya River back to the hotel, woke up my wife and our little son, Kal-el, and my father-in-law, drove them to the airport and got on a plane to Korea with them, dropped them off, hopped on another plane, and flew back to Thailand to report to the set that next night."
The actor was so worried about his return flight he wore an odd souvenir to secure a safe trip: "Before the coup, someone from the king's cabinet had given me a shirt bearing the king's emblem... if you're wearing that emblem, you're 100 per cent safe.
"So, when the coup went down, I knew it was time to put on that shirt. It was like a cloak of invincibility."