Nicolas Cage's first horror movie is a tribute to late pal Johnny Ramone. The movie star is producing and starring in a remake of cult 1973 EDWARD WOODWARD film The Wicker Man - a nod to punk icon Ramone, who introduced him to the spooky psychological thriller. Cage explains, "I've been wanting to make a horror film for quite some time. It was my late friend Johnny Ramone who showed me the original and I was very affected by that." And the actor is thrilled he took the trouble to remake the classic - because he's convinced the project will scare film fans senseless. He adds, "I don't want you to just go 'Arrrrgh.' I want you to four nights later wake up in your bed at 3am and go, 'I can't get that image out of my head.' That's how I want to scare you with The Wicker Man."