Nicolas Cage persuaded RICHARD CARPENTER to embrace his CARPENTERS-loving comic book superhero GHOST RIDER by personally calling the pianist and confessing his love for his late sister. Cage decided his tormented movie character should share his own fondness for The Carpenters but he initially struggled to convince Richard Carpenter that he wouldn't be poking fun at the hitmaking siblings. He reveals, "I made him a KAREN CARPENTER fan. I love Karen Carpenter's voice, honestly, and Richard Carpenter didn't want to participate at first, but I explained how much I cared about Karen's voice and thought it was the most beautiful voice of all time. It was genuine so he was OK with it. "We even got the rights to use (The Carpenters hit) SUPERSTAR on the soundtrack. You should check out Sonic Youth doing it. "My point there was that the Ghost Rider alter-ego, JOHNNY BLAZE, is trying to keep the devil away, and Karen Carpenter and jelly beans relax him. "If he was a chain-smoking, Jack Daniels-guzzling guy, which is originally how he was drawn, he'd be inviting the devil in and I thought he'd be trying to avoid the devil."