Nicolas Cage channelled TV BATMAN ADAM WEST for his KISS-ASS character, Big Daddy, because the costume he had to wear was just like a vintage Batsuit.
Cage admits he mimicked the TV icon in the movie and now insists the performance is an "ode" to a TV hero.
He tells WENN, "Big Daddy is my ode to Adam West who, for me, is the only Batman.
"I grew up watching Adam West and he still has yet to be topped, in my opinion. He had this odd rhythm to his delivery, and I just wanted to tip my hat to him a little bit - to actors like him and William Shatner - who I think really started a whole cultural movement.
"The costume looked like the old Batman outfit and I thought, 'Well, why don't we just go the whole way and my character, Damon, channelling Adam West because that's his Jungian muse - to help him accomplish the things that he accomplishes."