Nicola Roberts doesn't like to stick to one designer.

The flame-haired singer - who recently released her debut album 'Cinderella's Eyes' - believes there are a "lot" of "cool labels" and she would hate to restrict herself to a limited number of outfits.

She said: "I don't like sticking with one person or thing, ever. There's a lot of cool labels out there; I'm open minded enough to be a fan of many designers and make a few of their looks work for me. Regardless of how commercial or left-field they are, I respect most designers.

"In London, there's Henry Holland; I wear loads of his stuff. What else? I love Topshop, I love Moschino in Milan, and I love Bora Aksu. The way Aksu does panelling is quite unique and threads his collections together; I appreciate when anyone can keep a motif cohesive over time."

In addition to music, 26-year-old Nicola also has a make-up range for pale skinned people - named Dainty Doll - and she reveals she puts a lot of time into making the products right for her market.

She told Rolling Stone: "I'm always working on new ideas for it - it can take months to decide on products, then five months for them to be produced. I'm pleased people have taken us on board and support the brand. Next, we're hoping to extend our overseas market."