Nicola Roberts has two dinners on Christmas Day (25.12.11).

The 'Beat of My Drum' singer always spends the festive period with her family, but would never choose a favourite between her separated mother and father, so has a traditional roast turkey meal with them both, leaving her stomach bursting by the end of the day.

Nicola - who is dating Charlie Fennell - told BANG Showbiz: "Christmas, for me, is hard work. Because my mum and dad aren't together, we have to have two Christmas dinners, so by the time Boxing Day comes, it's like I'm so worn out from just eating so much. But we never want our mum not to have us, and we never want our dad not to have us."

Detailing how her day will pan out in her native Liverpool, in Northern England, Girls Aloud star Nicola said she will wake up with her two younger brothers and sister.

She added: "We do the whole, 'Has Santa been?' thing at 06.30am. Then go my mum's, have breakfast, open presents. Then go back to my dad's and have breakfast, open presents. Then go back to my mum's and have Christmas dinner.

"Go back to my dad's and have Christmas dinner and it's literally like a yoyo all day!"

Although Nicola's third single - 'Yo Yo' - echoes her Christmas routine, she said it is actually about relationships.

'Yo Yo' is released on January 2, Nicola's debut album 'Cinderella's Eyes' is out now.