Nicola Roberts wants three children.

The 26-year-old singer "definitely" wants to have a family with boyfriend Charlie Fennell but while she knows how many kids she wants, she can't decide if she'd rather have more sons or daughters.

Asked if she wants to be a parent, she said: "Absolutely. Definitely. I think I want three. I can't make my mind up whether I want two boys and one girl or one girl and two boys!"

Although the Girls Aloud star wants to have kids, she is in no rush to get married because her life seems to have passed by so quickly.

She said: "No! I'm not getting married soon. I'm only 26! But you know what? I feel like I left school, I got in the band and the past 10 years of my life have gone so fast. I almost still feel 17. My mum and dad married really young and I would like to do it the opposite way."

The 'Lucky Day' singer star also admitted she feels much more confident now than when the band first started.

She said: "Yeah, I feel more confident, you just grow up. When you've just left school you can't have intellectual conversations with people. You're scared of saying the wrong thing, you're in an environment that's totally new to you and if you're shy . that's the way it was."