Nicola Roberts is "thankful" she can borrow clothes from designers.

The flame-haired beauty - who is a front-row regular at fashion shows and has her own make-up range for pale skin, Dainty Doll - is grateful she can loan clothing from design houses because she feels good about herself when she is wearing something nice.

She said: "I get to borrow lots of gorgeous things.

I'm always thankful when I can borrow from Moschino or Vivienne Westwood. I'm fascinated by fashion.

"I've learnt what suits me. If I feel good in an outfit I'm happy all day. If I don't then I'm as miserable as sin."

The 25-year-old singer also admits she is good friends with British designer Henry Holland - best known for his range of slogan t-shirts - although is not so close to his model pals Agyness Deyn and Alexa Chung.

She said: "I love Henry Holland. He's a great gossip! I'm not part of that scene though - in Agyness and Alexa's gang."

Discussing the possibility of her own fashion range, Nicola admits she is not yet ready for it at the moment.

She said: "People ask if I'd ever do my own line but I don't know if I deserve to have one yet."