Nicola Roberts claims she is "constantly eating".

The 26-year-old singer thinks she is unfairly slammed for her slender frame because she struggles to put weight on and insists she doesn't deliberately strive to be so thin.

She said: "I do have to be conscious about the things I eat. I make sure I'm constantly eating because it's really hard for me to put weight on. My mum's the same. She's stick-thin. If that's your shape, then that's the way it is. I could understand if there was a problem and I was trying to be really, really skinny, because then I wouldn't be a good role model. But when you are naturally that size, what can I do? People find it easier to call someone really skinny, than they do calling people overweight. But it's just as offensive!"

Despite the criticism, Nicola insists she will carry on wearing figure-hugging clothes because she doesn't want to look "s**t" by hiding herself in unflattering garments.

She told Britain's Star magazine: "I'm naturally small, it's my frame! I can't walk around in baggy jumpers to stop people saying I look skinny, otherwise I'd have s**t clothes! I wanna wear a skin-tight dress!"