Nicola Roberts identifies with Rihanna's fashion sense.

The 'Beat Of My Drum' singer - who worked with Rihanna on Sky Living's new fashion series 'Styled To Rock' - says she feels akin to the superstar and her bold dress sense because they share the same love of experimentation and originality.

Nicola told LOOK magazine: ''I don't have any rules when it comes to fashion and I think she's the same.

''She's truly original. She portrays what she wants to portray through her clothes, and it changes all the time.

''And that's something I try to do.''

The flame-haired beauty is famed for her quirky and feminine style, but admitted she gets bored easily and constantly feels the need to mix it up.

Nicola explained: ''I often say I've found my style, but in six months it'll be different.

''Hair, make-up, style, music taste - it's always changing. I'm very fickle.

''It's just fun to try new things - like Pink hair this year. I get bored so I change my look all the time.''

Nicola joins Henry Holland and Rihanna's stylist Lysa Cooper on the judging panel in the hunt for the next big fashion designer.