Nicola Roberts gets ready in her kitchen.

The former Girls Aloud singer has a huge dressing room in her house but she shuns there and her bedroom and brings everything into her cooking area when she's preparing for a big night out.

She said: ''I have a dressing room but I never use it.

'' For some reason, I always use the kitchen, which gets full of hair rollers, brushes, make-up and mirrors.''

Though she likes a drink when she's getting ready, the 32-year-old star hss learned not to have too many until she's finished.

She added: ''Music in, prosecco in hand - but not to many before I've done my make-up, I've made that mistake before.''

Nicola and her bandmate Kimberley Walsh used to party every night during their pop success but things are very different now.

Nicola told Look magazine: ''We just wanted to be out all the time. There was somewhere to go literally every night.

''At times, we were falling asleep at the club. Now you wouldn't get me in one.

''I used to text her at 11pm, 'Please can we go on, we can be there in 40 minutes.' ''

Nicola recently revealed she still spends a lot of time with Kimberley and Cheryl Tweedy.

She said: ''We spend a lot of time hanging out at each other's houses, and even when we're not together we're always speaking over text.''

And there's nothing the girls enjoy more than having a natter over a few beverages and a takeaway.

The 32-year-old singer said: ''I much prefer having drinks at home these days to going out, although we did plenty of partying in our Girls Aloud days!

''I love getting a good takeaway on a Saturday night, as I tend to cook and eat healthily during the week. My favourite takeaway cuisines are Thai or Indian.''