Nicola Roberts evidently isn't an advocate of keeping her cards close to her chest when it comes to matters of the opposite sex - as Kanye West might find out. The Girls Aloud member couldn't wait to get onto social networking site Twitter to express her love towards the hip-hop megastar after meeting him on the front row of London Fashion Week, reports UK newspaper The Daily Mirror.
Roberts was sat on the front row alongside Ye, ZARA MARTIN and Gizzi Erskine as well as Mollie King at the MARK FAST show, and made no secret of her admiration towards the 'College Dropout,' tweeting later in the day "My obsession with Kanye just hit a new high after meeting him at the Mark Fast show.." She followed that up with the non-too-subtle proclamation that "I really love him."
Yeezy tends to write so much on Twitter that you wonder whether he's ever actually read anything anyone else has ever posted on the microblogging site, but if by some chance he has torn his eyes from his own profile he might see that he could do a lot worse than Roberts. She was looking resplendent at the show in a double-tartan outfit that was undoubtedly risky but just about managed to satisfy the fashionistas. Accessorising by wearing sunglasses indoors was another odd move too - especially for February - but again it was a look she seemingly managed to pull off. Certainly if the tweets didn't catch Kanye's attention, Roberts appearance would have.