Glamour girl Nicola McLean has proved the cause of much disruption in the I'm A Celebrity… Get Me Out of Here! camp.

The model, 25, labelled Timmy Mallet and David Van Day as "d**kheads" before breaking down in tears after failing a Bush Battle.

The drama came after David had accused Nicola of ostracising both him and some of the older men in the group, including Timmy.

While preparing to face her worst fears – darkness and claustrophobia - during the Bushtucker Trial called Cavern of Calamity - Nicola again squabbled with David and Timmy.

And on her walk to the task, she said of Timmy: "He's an imbecile. I'm petrified; I'm not busting my balls to feed two people that really rile me."

As the WAG reached the trial, she discovered the endeavour that lay ahead of her.

"You have to get inside and search for stars, two kinds of stars large orange and smaller yellow ones, hidden inside the cavern, you've got five minutes to find 12 stars," explained presenter Ant Mcpartlin.

Declan Donnelly added: "For every star you find pop them in the bag. It's pitch black in there and you have to rely on instinct and feeling."

And he warned that Nicola would have "all sorts of jungle company" in her way during the challenge.

Though clearly terrified, Nicola vowed to pass the task, adding: "David's not going to eat tonight. He's an idiot and it's riled me. I might go for ten because I don't like Timmy either."

During the trial, rats scurried around her as she searched the rock walls while spiders, mealworms and cockroaches fell on her.

And after finding only three stars, she begged to be allowed out of the cave.

Upon returning to the camp, the blonde broke down in tears about the rigours of the trial and Timmy's behaviour.

"The Bush Battle was horrible, I hate being cold, why am I here and why am I bothering?" she remarked.

"I'm absolutely freezing and I just don't see the point, no-one else had to do that, it's not why I came on the show, no-one else's was as tough as that."

She then attacked Timmy for trying to get his song Itsy Bitsy Teeny Weeny Yellow Polka Dot Bikini released again by continuing to sing it in the camp.

"I can't listen to Timmy sing that song, it's so obvious he's trying to get the song out again and make it number one hit.

"I don't know how it got to number one for the first time."

25/11/2008 05:01:01