Nicola McLean wants to pose nude for Playboy Magazine.

The 35-year-old model - who has posed topless for photoshoots in the past and previously worked as a Page 3 model - has expressed a wish to strip bare for the racy magazine after the publication decided to return to naked photoshoots, having banned nudity from their features for the past year.

Nicola said: ''When you think of Playboy you think of bunny costumes and nudity.

''It is nudity and fun, not seedy and dirty.

''Do you really thing people like Kate Moss and Pamela Anderson would have done it if it wasn't iconic?

''It is behind a glossy cover and not everyone can buy it.''

The star - who has two sons Striker and Rocky with her professional footballer husband Tom Williams - went on to state that her work as a topless model was ''exploitation'' as she can now afford to give her children ''a fantastic life''.

She said: ''I haven't done Page 3 for many, many years, 11 years maybe.

''But I find it so offensive when people say it is exploitation. I wasn't exploited, I used my boobs for my career - my kids have a fantastic life.

''I have exploited men who want to pay me.''

The former 'Celebrity Big Brother' contestant also branded Playboy boss Hugh Hefner as a ''lovely man'', and urged his son Cooper to contact her about modelling for the publication.

She told newsreader Kay Burley during an appearance on Sky News: ''Cooper Hefner, get in touch. I would love to do it.

''I have met Hugh Hefner personally and his son, I have been to the mansion - he was a lovely man. I love Playboy and it is iconic.''