Nicola McLean is pregnant with her third child.

The 'Celebrity Big Brother' star - who already has sons, Rocky, five, and two-year-old Striker, with husband Tom Williams - is six weeks along but admits the pregnancy wasn't planned and thought she couldn't have any more children because she had suffered from eating disorders in the past.

In an interview with Britain's OK! magazine, she revealed: ''I'm so shocked but very pleased. To be honest, because of how ill I've been with my eating disorder, my periods had stopped and I thought I'd blown any chance of having any more kids so I was pretty devastated, because I want a house full. But suddenly my periods started coming back, which meant I was getting better.

''But the baby definitely wasn't planned, I have the coil! I know that no contraception is 100 per cent, you just hope it is, or hope it doesn't in my case - I feel very lucky.''

Nicola says she would the baby to be a girl although would be happy if she had another boy.

The British beauty said: ''I'd love a girl but I'd also be happy with a boy because I love going to the football, but I would love all the ballet and tutus too! I love children, I love being a mum and having a big family.''