Nicola McLean has revealed she is six weeks pregnant with her third child; the news however has come as a shock to the star who was out cavorting at a time when she would've been four weeks pregnant. MCLean claims that the only reason she was out boozing was because she wasn't aware at the time that she was expecting.
"I wasn't being irresponsible. I didn't know I was pregnant - now I do, there's no way I'll drink," she protested to OK! Magazine. "For one glass, I don't see the point," she continued, "I don't enjoy it enough. I would never risk my child's health. I know the dangers of drinking and smoking while pregnant. I was massively addicted to dieting but the second I fell pregnant, my addiction went out the window because I don't want my unborn child not to be getting enough food just so I can be skinny - it's ridiculous."
A lot has been made recently about how celebrity mothers-to-be handle themselves, with Stacey Solomon being forced to give back her Celebrity Mum of The Year crown after being caught smoking whilst expecting, and MCLean hit out at Kerry Katona's supportive comments towards the 'X Factor UK' star. Katona had expressed that Silk Cut weren't real cigarettes. "For Kerry Katona to say that Silk Cut aren't really cigarettes is just disgusting and so uneducated," fumed MCLean.