David van Day has said he thinks Nicola McLean is the person most at fault for creating a rift in the jungle camp in I'm A Celebrity... Get Me Out of Here!

The former pop star, who turns 52 next week, believes the galmour model is responsible for ostracising both him and some of the older men in the group, including Timmy Mallett.

The ex-children's entertainer, who was speaking to David after he had returned to camp having won just five stars in the latest Bushtucker Trial, told his counterpart he thought he and Nicola "might have a bit of an issue" and advised him to talk it out with the 26-year-old.

David, who has been upset over a perceived "pecking order" when it comes to dividing out the sparse food rations, replied: "It does seem that way."

Later, in the Bush Telegraph, David explained: "I don't know what their problem is with me.

"I think it's Nicola who has the main problem with me.

"Carly [Zucker] gets lead by her because they're girlies, and Dani [Behr] is to and fro.

"I just think they should be a bit more friendly."

He continued: "Right from when we arrived we we're the outsiders and we were called the outsiders.

"It's funny because the girls want to be equal but only in some things. When food or drinks arrive there's some sort of pecking order that goes on but let's ask the ladies first.

"Well, not all of them are ladies as far as I'm concerned - because they'd be generous and kind and considerate to everybody. Some of them are just considering themselves."

23/11/2008 17:24:57