Everyday life in the jungle is starting to take its toll on I'M A CELEBRITY.. GET ME OUT OF HERE! contestant DANI BEHR

The former Word presenter has declared she is "bored", complaining that it feels as if she has been in the camp for "two months".

"It goes so slowly so it feels like it's never going to end," she said.

However, her gripes have not been going down too well with some of her fellow contestants, who feel it just makes their own experience harder.

"When she's saying it I'm thinking, 'Shut up!'" said Nicola McLean "Because all of us think that."

ESTHER RANTZEN agreed that moaning does not help, saying she finds the constant grumbling irritating.

"It's quite wearing because we're all in the same place and we're all trying to stay positive and survive it," she said.

Meanwhile, former TV presenter and politician ROBERT KILROY-SILK became the first to be voted out of the jungle, after viewers decided he was the contestant they would least like to keep in the competition.

27/11/2008 11:25:54