Seminal LP THE VELVET UNDERGROUND + Nico has been named the greatest debut album of all time in a new magazine poll. The 1967 record which features The Band's mentor Andy Warhol's depiction of a banana on its sleeve, beat out competition from TELEVISION and THE JIMI HENDRIX EXPERIENCE, whose albums Marquee Moon and ARE YOU EXPERIENCED were named in second and third place respectively by British publication Uncut. British psychedelic guitar band The Stone Roses' eponymous 1989 debut takes fourth spot and THE BAND's MUSIC FROM BIG PINK round out the top five. The Top 10 Greatest Debuts according to Uncut are as follow: 1. THE VELVET UNDERGROUND + NICO - THE VELVET UNDERGROUND + NICO 2. TELEVISION - MARQUEE MOON 3. THE JIMI HENDRIX EXPERIENCE - ARE YOU EXPERIENCED 4. THE STONE ROSES - THE STONE ROSES 5. THE BAND - MUSIC FROM BIG PINK 6. THE CLASH - THE CLASH 7. LED ZEPPELIN - LED ZEPPELIN 8. JOY DIVISION - UNKNOWN PLEASURES 9. ROXY MUSIC - ROXY MUSIC 10. THE STOOGES - THE STOOGES.