Welsh rocker Nicky Wire has lost "complete faith in humanity" following the sickening riots in the U.K. last month (Aug11).
The Manic Street Preachers star looked on in despair as looters and arsonists ran amuck in cities including London, Manchester and Birmingham in scenes that shocked the world.
He admits he's baffled by the reasons for the rioting, but he blames the internet for fostering public apathy towards political issues in his native country.
The bassist tells NME magazine, "There's just a massive blot of depression and darkness hanging over the country that I have no answers for whatsoever... I've just lost complete faith in humanity, and myself. I'm just in no position. I have no connection... I'm not even surprised any more. I think our brains have been totally rewired by the internet.
"There's a book called The Shallows by Nicholas Carr, about how it has just rewired a young generation's minds to bypass any serious consideration of (politics). They are just much more interested in whether there's a free Wi-Fi zone than the unemployment rates."