Nicky Wire lies awake at night worrying about the future of rock n' roll.

The Manic Street Preachers bassist has blasted the current music scene, claiming there are no longer any individual or iconic stars.

He said: "When I see bands like The Drums being fawned over it makes me feel ill. There is literally no soul in that band. The whole generation is attired in American Apparel, there's no individualism any more.

"I'm not sure we can get it back. I lie in my bed and think to myself, 'There has to be a Kurt Cobain or a John Lennon out there,' someone who's eloquent and f***ed up, someone who's brilliant and intelligent. But we've been waiting a long time."

The '(It's Not War) Just The End Of Love' star also claimed it is not good for the music industry if there is no rivalry between musicians - even within the same bands.

He added to NME magazine: "You hear all the time. 'Music's not like sport, it's not a race, you shouldn't be competitive.' Of course you f***ing should. Do you think Lennon and McCartney weren't competitive? Or Blur and Oasis or The Clash and the Sex Pistols?

"When bands get on, it's just f***ing awful. We've been sold this lie that music is just endless artistic expression. Gore Vidal said it's not enough to succeed, others must fail. Nothing sums me up more than that."